Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windows 7 Party

Last night I had the opportunity to host a Windows 7 launch party. Microsoft sent all the party material and software necessary to show all the features and benefits of their latest operating system. Without a doubt...Windows 7 ROCKS!

My experience with desktop computers goes all the way back to the DOS days. You have a real appreciation of the current operating systems if DOS was your first operating system. Finding yourself remembering such crazy terms as format c:/s and diskcopy a: like riding a tricycle compared to a mountain bike. The technology has improved 1000%.

You can find out everything you want to know about Windows 7 just by visiting But, if you are thinking about upgrading an old might be very safe to either consider the super cheap units that now come installed with Windows 7...or get a copy of the upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Professional. If you have been putting off this decision there is no reason to wait. Windows 7 is here and well worth the upgrade. If you are using Windows Vista and it runs fine...upgrading is a maybe. If you are using Windows XP you are going to love Windows 7.

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  1. OK.. a windows 7 party is pretty nerdy... you know that right?