Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visit to Mary and Roberto's home...New Braunfels, TX

Mary and Professor Roberto Salmon live in a Southwest style home in the Hill Country of Texas. We call this part of Texas "Dorfburg" because of the large German influence. The countryside is beautiful, the people are super friendly and our visits are to die for. We are here for ten days and have an opportunity to visit my high school physics teacher, taste exquisite wines, and be treated to excellent food. Did I tell you my sister Mary likes to cook and quilt?

Roberto is a retired history professor and Mary is a retired retail store owner and school councilor. They have lived in Texas for over 20 years and have acclimated to the area. But, in the summer they like to house swap with us and enjoy the cooler weather. This also gives me time to unwind and just have a great time. Marsha and I have been making this pilgamage to Texas for four years and hope to make many more visits.

As for my physics teacher…this is Rolf Smith and he also lives in the area. I hope to blog about our visit and share the information with some of the other students that attended his class. What a trip…it has been 48 years since I have seen Rolf and hope to collect many pictures and stories about his life. I think Rolf taught MacGyver everything he knows.  Stay tuned for more on Rolf.